S 1.11 Plans detailing the location of supply lines

Initiation responsibility: Building Services Manager

Implementation responsibility: Building Services

Detailed location plans of all supply lines (energy, water, gas, telephone, threat notification, pneumatic tube mail etc.) in the building and on the corresponding property must be kept and must include all facts concerning the lines:

It must be possible based on plans to quickly and easily obtain an exact picture of the situation. This is the only way to minimise the risk of accidentally damaging lines during work. Correspondingly, a damaged spot can be localised more quickly so that the malfunction can be repaired more quickly.

It must be ensured that all work on the lines is completely documented in due time. Thus, the person responsible for maintenance and updating of the plans of all supply lines must be clearly defined. The plans must be stored at a secure location as they include information requiring protection. They must be stored so that only authorised persons may access them, but they must be quickly available in case of need.

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