S 1.1 Compliance with relevant standards and regulations

Initiation responsibility: Planner, Head of Purchasing

Implementation responsibility: Installation Company, Construction Manager

For nearly all fields of technology, guidelines, standards and/or regulations are in force. These may have been issued by standardisation organisations, industry associations, user groups or state institutions, e.g. DIN (German Institute for Standardisation, ISO (International Standards Organization), VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies), VDMA (German Engineering Federation), VdS (Federation of Property Insurance Companies).

These regulatory schemes help to ensure that technical installations offer sufficient protection for the user and security for operations.

When planning and constructing buildings, during their operation and structural alteration, and when installing technical building equipment (e.g. internal supply networks such as telephone or data networks), and during the procurement and operation of equipment, the relevant standards and regulations must be strictly complied with.

Compliance with standards is not a security safeguard by itself. It means that minimum requirements are met and the current state of the art is observed.

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